Lady Kildare’s room commemorates Emily Lady Kildare (later Duchess of Leinster).

On a visit to Ballyfin in May 1759 Lady Kildare wrote “yesterday I saw a most delightful place indeed, much beyond any place I have seen in Ireland – Ballyfin, there is a piece of water there very like what I fancy ours will be, only broader; fine plantations and the greatest varieties of trees and flowers almost that ever I saw anywhere”
The ‘Mikado’ Claremont fabric used to upholster the walls in traditional fashion is complimented by a mix of antique and oriental furniture creating a fresh and inviting ambience.

Room size


Overlooks lake and lawns, balcony.
32 sqm (336 sq ft)


Overlooks fountain and a small private garden
11 sqm (115 sq ft)