This sumptuous suite, with its large bowed sitting room over the south portico, was the largest bedroom in the house.

Today it acknowledges Sir Christopher Coote, 15th Baronet and the senior member of the Coote family, who has taken a close personal interest in the restoration of the house built for his great-great-great grandparents. Today, the suite enjoys a handsome sitting room, its curved windows looking out to beautiful views over the fountain and the Pleasure Grounds. The decorative theme of the suite is determined by a series of eighteenth-century Chinese wallpaper panels, formerly in the collection of the Prince of Hanover at Schloss Marienburg. Many of the furnishings are complementary in the style of Chinese Chippendale.

Room size

Sitting Room

Overlooks side, fountain and view of lake 56 sqm (603 sq ft).


Overlooks side, fountain and view of lake 40 sqm (430 sq ft).


Overlooks conservatory and cascade 12 sqm (129 sq ft).